About us

We are Valiwears.

We are a strong, confident fashion forward thinking fashion company headquartered in Dusseldorf / Germany. We seek and find our inspirations in real life. We design and create fashion, inspiring you, our customers, our girlfriends and global influences such as the catwalks of the fashion week of the world, celebrities, social media influencers and street style.

On our site you will find daily the hottest new styles and the latest trends. We deliver daily fresh fashion novelties. Our goal is to bring you the latest trends in the cheapest and most convenient way to your home as quickly as possible.

We ship worldwide and want our customers to enjoy fashion, enjoy discovering trends, and enjoy shopping. Women's power is at the heart of our brand. We believe in championing young talents and real women and getting a new generation of unstoppable women to be and achieve what they want.

Design your own personal style with us.